After almost a decade working from a home office and loving doing so, I’ve decided to switch things around and move into something more akin to a co-working space for part of the week. You might be thinking well that sounds very ‘on-trend’ but here are the real motivations behind the change:

More noise
If, like me you are pretty sociable person, working from a home is probably not the ideal setup for you. Except for meetings, calls, social media chats or the occasional Skype; working from a home office can be quite quiet. Some people might love the peace, but the novelty has worn off and I’m increasingly finding my best ideas are produced in an environment with a low-level hubbub of noise. Something I can’t easily replicate at home.

Space for collaboration and growth 
Working from a shared space will make it easier to collaborate with The Usual Studio's freelancers, host client meetings and offer branding workshops in the future.

Making new connections
Despite once randomly finding a new client while perched on tall stools in a sushi restaurant (true story), this is unlikely to happen while working from home. Being in a co-working space will undoubtably widen my good circle of contacts even further. Bringing with it opportunities for The Usual Studio and useful new contacts for my clients as well.

Laptop lifestyle
I will be taking advantage of one of the great freedoms of working for yourself and becoming more mobile, this is what prompted the recent laptop shopping.

The location is a natural choice
The Usual Studio started out on a business incubator scheme at the Techno Centre in Coventry 9 years ago, so it’s actually more of a homecoming. The place has changed a huge amount since then and all for the better. Coventry really is a thriving place to run a creative business.

The Usual Studio's new address is:  
The Usual Studio,
The Techno Centre,
Coventry University Technology Park,
Puma Way, 

Charlee Sully, Brand Consultant, The Usual Studio
I work across design, ideas, strategy and content, writing about branding, design, innovation and entrepreneurship. I love sushi, tea's my cuppa of choice and BBC6 music's always on. Unlike a former housemate - I do find comedy funny. 

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