Auotomaton exhibit at Mad Museum, Stratford

Auotomaton exhibit at Mad Museum, Stratford

2 weeks off in numbers:

  • 1 road trip to my native Devon/Somerset
  • 2 trips to the ice cream parlour for pistachio, raspberry and lime cheesecake ice cream
  • 1 test drive in a (new-ish) car
  • 1 swim and a bike ride, practically a triathlon ;)
  • 1 wobbly treetop walk 
  • 4 lunches out
  • 3 flat whites consumed
  • 1 new addiction to Wired magazine 
  • 1 sunny day at the park
  • 1 trip to Mad Museum, Stratford
  • 1 excellent book read which led me to...
  • 2 decisions made and many big changes ahead

Back with renewed enthusiasm today and it feels great! It’s so easy as a business owner to just keep going and not give yourself a proper break. I’ve been guilty of this in the past and suffered burn-out as a result, not a great state of mind for creativity.

This holiday I aimed to spend time completely free from business, design, anything related to work and bar a couple of lapses (when I couldn’t resist reading something) I achieved that. After this break I feel fresher, full of ideas and excited to making some really positive changes at The Usual Studio. Definitely time well spent. 

Charlee Sully, Creative Director of The Usual Studio
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