Word for word, that was the euphoric phrase I uttered to my parents on completion of my last 3hr written exam, 17 years ago. My parents were possibly too kind to tell me that I would likely need to keep up the writing, it's a useful skill for a lot of things after all.

So, with that phrase ringing in my head, I'm going to be blogging for The Usual Studio from now onwards. It's something I've thought about doing for quite a while, I read widely about design, tech, innovation, business, marketing... the list goes on. Now I'm ready to write about what I know and offer my insight, ideas for future changes, experiences of starting up a design business over the last 9 years and no doubt some new projects from The Usual Studio every so often too. It's good to be writing again. 


Charlee Sully, Creative Director of The Usual Studio
I work across design, ideas, strategy and content, writing about design, innovation and entrepreneurship. I love sushi, tea's my cuppa of choice and BBC6 music's always on. Unlike a former housemate - I do find comedy funny. @TheUsualStudio